About Luff Games 

Our Mission

Luff Games is committed to:

  • Providing game designers and hobbyists with great information and high quality art and design regarding graphic design in the areas of layout, typography, photography and illustration.

  • Creating quality, entertaining games that are quick to learn while still being immersive and stimulating.

  • Putting people and community front and center when it comes to making decisions.

  • Approaching all interactions with customers, backers, service providers and venders with integrity and professionalism.

  • To be a partner to other game designers and entrepreneurs by providing feedback and reviews from game and product tests.

Team Work

Besides working as a team for many years, Greg and Lisa have taken Luff Games another step forward and are working with another game company, Warped Mind Games to produce quality designed laser cut products as well. Check out the store for more information.

Inside Luff Games

This team has a ton of experience going for them.

Greg Johnson

Graphic Design, Logo and Identity Design, Illustration, Photography, Game Design & Development, Web Design, Audio & Video and creative problem solving.

Greg is a graphic designer, a college instructor, a singer-songwriter, and an avid gamer and game developer. He has recorded two concept albums, one of which, Darkened Sun, is available from CD Baby, Amazon, and iTunes under his music persona, Greg James. He approaches all of his creative pursuits with a commitment to conceptual underpinnings. Both of his albums have fully fleshed out back-stories and messages that touch on important social issues. He is the driving force behind most of the games that Luff develops. His ability to see implications and possible strategies gives Luff Games their depth and ultimately, their originality.

Lisa Selvia Johnson

Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography, Layout & Design, Typesetting and Typography.


Lisa has been an avid game player her entire life. She has been teaching graphic design at the college level for sixteen years. Before that, she worked for an educational publishing service provider whose clients included Harcourt-Brace, McMillan, Thompson (Cengage), Prentice-Hall, McGraw-Hill, and others. Her ability to build on initial ideas and point out pitfalls during the development process allows her to provide a vital perspective, building on Greg’s brilliant concepts. Her designs put clarity, readability and rich visuals front and center when it comes to the “look” of Luff Games.

Luff Creative Group, LLC, doing business as Luff Games, is a Partnership between between the founders, Greg and Lisa Johnson. They are based out of Dayton, Ohio.

© 2017 Luff Creative Group LLC.

Photos: Greg Johnson. Graphic Design: Greg and Lisa Johnson.

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